Friday, December 30, 2011

Audition Tip of the Month! - Resumes / CV's

Let's take a moment to talk about resumes or CV's!

First off, if you have seen the movie or the stage version of Legally Blonde one of the best lines is when Elle is putting together her resumes (on pink paper of course) and she gives each one a little squirt of perfume because it just gives the resume that "extra kick".

Many times I see parents agonizing over the look and appearance of the resume rather than focusing on what is actually listed on their child's resume.

Here is the truth about resumes. As long as it is clean and organized, and formatted to fit on one page. No one really cares about how a child's resume looks. What casting professionals and agents are looking for is substance.

If your child is lacking in certain areas, or their resume seems thin. Then let's look at how we can bulk up those resumes with items that will catch a professional's eye. Below are some great ideas for bulking up those resumes!

#1) Training - There are 3 areas of training that casting professionals will be looking for. Acting, Dance and Vocal techniques. If your child has very little in one area or another bulk it up by attending a workshop, or getting some private vocal coaching, or joining a dance class. Even actors and singers need to be able to do some basic dance steps.

#2) Community Theatre - Look for those opportunities. There are hundreds of reputable local community theatres who do quality productions. Not only will your child have the opportunity to perform and bulk up their resume, but they will also have the opportunity to network with other performers, and professionals. This is a great way to find out about other local opportunities.

#3) Special Skills - Believe it or not this can be the most important part of a child's resume. Many times for a casting they need a child to be proficient at some specific skill set. Recently I saw a casting for an 8 year old who had to be really good on a pogo stick! Take a look at the list I have put below, and sign your child up for a one day workshop for as many activities that they are interested in. Find out what they are good at, and let them develop that skill along side their acting technique. A well rounded performer is a working performer.

Special Skills often seen in casting breakdowns:

Martial Arts
Languages other than English including sign language (ASL)
Sports - All of them
Circus Skills
Animal Handling

Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Of The Month! Check out the terrific new book from Casting Director, Helen McCready.

A special message and an incredible deal for Talent Inc Fans from Helen McCready casting:

"Love is art and it comes from the heart".
I wrote my book because of my love and respect for actors. Here is some "holiday trim" off the price of my book & Box Set CD, "Audition & Book It!".

I will have a new book coming out in 2012 - 365 Tips for the working actor.

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading!

Take care,
Helen McCready CSA
Helen McCready, C.S.A.
Helen McCready Casting

Quick side note that Helen will be in Orlando soon teaching a workshop with none other than Fern Champion this coming February. For more information or to purchase her widely acclaimed book visit her website. Don't miss out on this great opportunity or this terrific book!

-The Talent Inc Team