Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Audition Tip of the Month! - Memorization Tips!

How to memorize. The best way to memorize is to approach the script from many different angles, and learning styles. By doing so, it will ensure your script stays in your long term memory.

Try these fun games to memorize:

* Write out your script. If you write out your script on lined paper 3 times, by the third time, you will almost have it down. Make sure you write neatly. Take pride in your work.

* Sing the script to the tune of "Happy Birthday" or any song that comes on the radio. By doing this exercise it will help break you out of vocal patterns which can make the performance predictable.

* Speed Through - Don't worry about voice and diction simply rush through the script as fast as you can. Make sure to say each word, but try to say the entire piece in 3 breaths, then try to get it down to 2, and eventually try to get through the entire piece in ONE breath!

* This last one is for my young performers under the age of 8! Kids love to hear mom and dad perform their scripts. So get a tape recorder, and tape Mommy or Daddy doing their lines, and the young performer can say the lines along with the tape recorder. After a few days, your child will no longer require the tape recorder.

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