Sunday, January 1, 2012

Emergency Actor's Car Kit

You have worked hard, and so has your agent to get your child an opportunity. Don't let anything get in your way now. Consider putting together a simple emergency car kit for your child's auditions to avoid last minute mishaps, and added stress.

The Young Actor's Survival Kit For the Car:
* A GPS system
* Brush, comb, and hair things
* A change of clothes for unexpected spills
* Children's aspirin, and a first aid kit with bandaids.
* A blankie and pillow for long hauls.
* Pen and Paper
* Change for parking
* A coloring book, or electronic gaming device (with headphones)
* Extra headshots, and resumes in a protective pouch

With this actor's survival kit in your car, you can be ready at a moment’s notice even for those last minute auditions. Stay tuned for more tips and hints.

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