Saturday, February 11, 2012

Official Talent Inc. Resume Template


This is an example of a proper talent resume.  Please use this format to attach to the back of your headshot.  If you do not have credits in any of the headings, just delete it until it is applicable

                                                                                                                                   Performer # ______
Your Name Here: ______________________________________
If you Have Representation List their contact info here (If not leave this space blank):__________
Contact Information:Cell Phone and E-Mail: _____
HEIGHT:                       WEIGHT:                        HAIR:                           EYES:

Name of Production Company                       Character                               Production Company

Name of Television Program                          Character                               Production Company

Name of Commercial                                     Character                               Production Company

Name of Play                                                   Character                               Theater

Entertainment Management                          Lea Patrick                              Evolution, Hollywood
Audition Techniques                                       Scott Cooper                          Evolution/Talent INC
Commercial and Lifestyle Print                      Charlie Winfield                      FFT, New York               
TV Commercial Acting                                   Talent INC Director                 Talent INC
Booking the Job                                              Scott Wine                              Osbrink, Los Angeles
Monologue Techniques                                  Talent INC Director                 Talent INC
Runway Techniques                                        Peggie McKinnley                   Runways, Miami
Film Acting                                                      Talent INC Director                 Talent INC
The Business of Entertainment                      Heather Finn                           Frontier, New York
Improvisational Acting                                    Talent INC Director                 Talent INC
Acting for the Camera                                    Craig Holzberg                        Avalon, New York and
Los Angeles
Interview Skills                                                            Talent INC Director                 Talent INC
Photo Movement                                            Scott Cooper                          Evolution/Talent INC
Modern and Classic Runway                         Scott Cooper                          Evolution/Talent INC 

This is where you put things that could be used in a commercial or film, etc. Things like singing, dancing, skateboarding, horse back riding, surfing, etc.

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