Thursday, March 29, 2012

SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE™ Unveils the Color of the Year Beauty Collection - Featuring Olivia Pires of Talent Inc.

Check out one of our beautiful and very talented models from Talent Inc.
This is her latest SEPHORA and PANTONE ad.
Congratulations Olivia!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet The Directors of Talent Inc. - Kamber Hejlik of Acting Out Studio

Passionate about acting since she was 10 years old, Kamber was already working with her first talent agent and doing commercials by the time that she was 16.  While earning a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on Performance at The College of Film and Television at San Diego State University she started working at Shamon Freitas Talent Agency and Background San Diego.  During that time she starred in her first films, Locus of Control and Tears, joined The Screen Actors Guild, and continued with her commercial work.
In Vail, Colorado Kamber worked on the show Good Morning Vail as a TV Reporter, producing many of her own segments for TV-8.  Within six months she was co-hosting her own show Apre’ Vail. 

          In Charlotte, North Carolina Kamber owns Acting Out Studio where she teaches acting for the camera to children, teen, and adults. She is also a working actor here in Charlotte with several commercial, TV, and film credits.

          Kamber became a director for Talent Inc 4 years ago. She brings a group from Acting Out Studio and has won an overall award at each conference. She has had numerous success stories from Talent Inc who have gone on to book films and commercials. 

 Kamber started teaching so she could bring her passion for acting to her students. She feels it is a gift to be able to watch them grow and become successful as actors. She is currently represented commercially and theatrically in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Charlotte, NC and divides her time between all three. 

She is well known not only in her local community, but on a national level for bringing some of the most competitive talent to be showcased each season. She is a leader and serves as a role model, and inspiration to her students. As a director she has enjoyed watching her talent develop and succeed. 

For more information about Kamber and her studio please check out:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet The Directors of Talent Inc. - Karen Pearson

     Karen Pearson is a National Scout, Spokesperson and Director for Talent, INC.  She has been developing actors, models, singers and dancers to perform on a national level for the last six years.  Karen has managed the training and development of several top graduates including The Voice’s Mathai, American Idol’s Tim Urban and Brandon Michael from Majors & Minors. She has had talent go on to model for Dillards, JC Penney, and Target.  Karen also owns KP Productions & Talent producing top rated fashion shows and entertainment events.  Karen holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  Karen is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher and loves to see what people of all ages can achieve when given guidance and encouragement to pursue their gifts.

     Talent Inc. is proud to have Karen as an important part of their wide network of directors from across North America. Karen is based out of Billings, Montana. She brings with her to each conference not only her unique perspective, and an array of very talented performers, but also years of successful event coordination, and marketing strategies.

     You can learn more about this dynamic individual at: 

     Thank you Karen for all of your hard work, and we are thrilled to have you on our team!

Monday, March 12, 2012

YOUTUBE Video Contest Announced!

Congratulations to all of our wonderful talent that performed in Orlando this past weekend!

 We are all so proud of you!

Don't forget to submit your video documenting your weekend and highlighting your favorite events. Here are the official rules:

1.) All videos must be 3 minutes or less.

2.) The deadline to submit your YOUTUBE video is April 1st, 2012
3.) The winner of our YOUTUBE contest will be posted here, and on our FACEBOOK page on April 5th, 2012
4.) Send the link to your video to by April 1st, 2012

The WINNER will be invited to our actor's conference in August at no cost!*

 Good Luck!

*Winner is responsible for their own transportation,accommodations, and food.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet the star of Home Alone 5 - Christian Martyn

Doug and John along with the entire Talent Inc. Team, would like to congratulate long time client Christian Martyn on his recent booking of  Home Alone 5. Christian and his mother are thrilled about being a part of this historic legacy. For more information be sure to check out his profile on 

Christian has been a featured in several films, and has rubbed elbows with some amazing talent. Christian and his mother will be filming in Winnipeg, Canada for the next few weeks. 

Break-a-leg Christian, we are very proud of you!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Workshop Attire- This should be nice casual.  No tank tops, not holes in jeans.  This is your first impression and you want to look great.

Monologue- Monologue is the only acting competition in which costumes and props can be used. They must be appropriate for the monologue.  If you choose not to wear a costume you can wear your khaki bottom and Talent INC t-shirt.

Vocal- Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the style of the song.

Dance- A costume that is appropriate for the style dance and music selection. No heavy makeup for 12 and under.
Film Scene- All talent will wear khaki pants, shorts, capris or skirt with a Talent Inc. show t-shirt which can be purchased for $15.00 from your director or at the event. Ladies wear flat shoes.  You may also wear a form fitting black t-shirt if you do not want to purchase a show t-shirt.

TV Commercial- This is the same outfit as Film Scene.  Khaki bottoms and a Talent INC t-shirt.

Photography- Girls and Women wear a short black skirt or slacks and a form fitting bright color top. Women 13 and up should have black heels.  Boys and Men wear black slacks and a solid bright color collared shirt.  Men should wear dress black shoes and belt.

Swimsuit- Women wear a one or two piece swimsuit and nude heels with a back (no wedge heels). Men wear board short style trunks or square cut speedo type trunks and bare feet. Hip measurement for ladies can be no more than 37” to compete. This category is for models between the ages of 13 and 30. Older models will need to have approval before entering this event.  

Runway- Talent should choose a high fashion look that you would see on the runways on New York. You are allowed to wear jeans if they are new dress jeans. No worn out or torn jeans.  Wear an outfit that shows your sense of style.

Dance Party- This is your time with your friends.  You may dress in your own style.

Interviews- Each Talent should wear a nice pair of jeans and a solid form-fitting shirt.  All shoes should be flats.  Women 13 and up should bring a 2 piece swimsuit for possible digitals.  Women must not wear makeup.  Only chap stick, minimal mascara and powder.

Awards Banquet- Each Talent should dress up for this occasion.  It can be anything from an outfit that you would wear to church all the way to formal.  NO JEANS OR SHORTS.



1) Talent can be any type of specialty act including singing, dancing, comedy, musician, etc.

2) All vocalists/dancers are allowed to perform one song/dance. For vocalists, this song should show range and performance ability. For dancers this should be your strongest dance choice that shows basics, technique, flexibility, personality and versatility.

3) All back up music should be burned on a CD with the performer’s name, agency or school, and the name of the song clearly marked.  The performance song should be the only song on the CD.  Each performer should have a backup CD or thumb drive in case of emergency.

4) All performances must be appropriate for all ages. 

5) Each performance has an allotted time of up to 90 seconds. Any performance exceeding this time will be disqualified from receiving a score. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

6) Costumes or performance clothes can be used for this showcase. 

7) All vocalists will use a hand held microphone.

Talent Pattern

a) Performer enters stage right
b) If you are a vocalist, you will be given your handheld microphone back stage. You will take the microphone to center stage for your music to start. If you are a dancer, walk directly to the starting position and the DJ will start your music.
c) Performer continues with performance
d) If you are a vocalist, return Microphone backstage.
e) Exit stage left upon completion



1) All Actors are allowed to perform one classic or modern monologue. This can be comedic or dramatic according to the actor’s individual strength.

2) The monologue should be chosen to show personality, range, character development and individuality.

3) All performances must be appropriate for ALL ages. 

4) Each performer has an allotted time of up to one minute. A Monologue exceeding this time will be disqualified from receiving a score. 

5) Costumes or props can be used for this competition if appropriate.  If you choose not to wear a costume you may wear the standard acting wardrobe of the black t-shirt and khaki bottom.

Monologue Pattern

·   The Actor enters stage right      
·   The Actor hits his mark on the stage and performs facing the camera
·   The Actor exits stage left



1) Actors should dress in a Talent INC show T-Shirt or a solid black T-shirt of their own.  Khaki pants, shorts or skirts may be worn to complete the outfit.  Appropriate shoes that go with Khaki bottoms should be worn.  No female should wear heels in acting showcases.  Females want to look like actors and not models.  Remember this showcase is about the actor and his ability, not wardrobe.

2) Absolutely no props or costumes.   
3) All Film Scenes must be chosen for the appropriate age of the performer.  Film Scenes must be chosen from the approved scripts on    

4) The actor or actress should perform the scene facing and interacting with the reader as if filming a movie scene.

5) The Film Scene read cannot last longer than 45 seconds. 

6) A list of all performers and their film scene number should be submitted 30 days before the event.  

Film Scene Pattern

·   The Actor enters stage right      
·   The Actor hits his mark on the stage and performs facing the reader on stage
·   The Actor exits stage left