Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Workshop Attire- This should be nice casual.  No tank tops, not holes in jeans.  This is your first impression and you want to look great.

Monologue- Monologue is the only acting competition in which costumes and props can be used. They must be appropriate for the monologue.  If you choose not to wear a costume you can wear your khaki bottom and Talent INC t-shirt.

Vocal- Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the style of the song.

Dance- A costume that is appropriate for the style dance and music selection. No heavy makeup for 12 and under.
Film Scene- All talent will wear khaki pants, shorts, capris or skirt with a Talent Inc. show t-shirt which can be purchased for $15.00 from your director or at the event. Ladies wear flat shoes.  You may also wear a form fitting black t-shirt if you do not want to purchase a show t-shirt.

TV Commercial- This is the same outfit as Film Scene.  Khaki bottoms and a Talent INC t-shirt.

Photography- Girls and Women wear a short black skirt or slacks and a form fitting bright color top. Women 13 and up should have black heels.  Boys and Men wear black slacks and a solid bright color collared shirt.  Men should wear dress black shoes and belt.

Swimsuit- Women wear a one or two piece swimsuit and nude heels with a back (no wedge heels). Men wear board short style trunks or square cut speedo type trunks and bare feet. Hip measurement for ladies can be no more than 37” to compete. This category is for models between the ages of 13 and 30. Older models will need to have approval before entering this event.  

Runway- Talent should choose a high fashion look that you would see on the runways on New York. You are allowed to wear jeans if they are new dress jeans. No worn out or torn jeans.  Wear an outfit that shows your sense of style.

Dance Party- This is your time with your friends.  You may dress in your own style.

Interviews- Each Talent should wear a nice pair of jeans and a solid form-fitting shirt.  All shoes should be flats.  Women 13 and up should bring a 2 piece swimsuit for possible digitals.  Women must not wear makeup.  Only chap stick, minimal mascara and powder.

Awards Banquet- Each Talent should dress up for this occasion.  It can be anything from an outfit that you would wear to church all the way to formal.  NO JEANS OR SHORTS.

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