Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet The Directors of Talent Inc. - Kamber Hejlik of Acting Out Studio

Passionate about acting since she was 10 years old, Kamber was already working with her first talent agent and doing commercials by the time that she was 16.  While earning a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on Performance at The College of Film and Television at San Diego State University she started working at Shamon Freitas Talent Agency and Background San Diego.  During that time she starred in her first films, Locus of Control and Tears, joined The Screen Actors Guild, and continued with her commercial work.
In Vail, Colorado Kamber worked on the show Good Morning Vail as a TV Reporter, producing many of her own segments for TV-8.  Within six months she was co-hosting her own show Apre’ Vail. 

          In Charlotte, North Carolina Kamber owns Acting Out Studio where she teaches acting for the camera to children, teen, and adults. She is also a working actor here in Charlotte with several commercial, TV, and film credits.

          Kamber became a director for Talent Inc 4 years ago. She brings a group from Acting Out Studio and has won an overall award at each conference. She has had numerous success stories from Talent Inc who have gone on to book films and commercials. 

 Kamber started teaching so she could bring her passion for acting to her students. She feels it is a gift to be able to watch them grow and become successful as actors. She is currently represented commercially and theatrically in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Charlotte, NC and divides her time between all three. 

She is well known not only in her local community, but on a national level for bringing some of the most competitive talent to be showcased each season. She is a leader and serves as a role model, and inspiration to her students. As a director she has enjoyed watching her talent develop and succeed. 

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