Tuesday, March 6, 2012



1) Photographs must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the event date. You must submit 2 pictures for each performer and you must include their name and age.  Please send all pictures in a .jpg high-resolution format.

2) Photography is a family event. Any photograph that is deemed “inappropriate” by TALENT INC. will be returned to the director for resubmission. If the photo is not replaced, this performer will be pulled from the showcase. Any photograph that has nudity, sexual connotation or is offensive in any way will be considered “inappropriate”.

3) Body conscious clothing should be worn for this showcase.  Females should wear a solid colored fitted shirt with a black skirt, pants or dress shorts and black heels (heels should have some sort of strap of back around the heel-no backless heels).  Males should wear black dress slacks and a solid bright colored dress shirt or golf type shirt. This showcase is not about clothes it is about photography and personality.

4) Performers should smile throughout this showcase. This is not a fashion show. Modeling and runway turns are not allowed.  We recommend that each director use a professional photographer for this event. No “Glamour Shots” and absolutely no pageant pictures. Please do not allow kids to wear obvious makeup.

Photography Walking Pattern (Classic with smile Runway style)

·   Performer enters runway from stage right
·   Stop in model position for 3 seconds at the top of the runway
·   Walk to the end of the runway and stay for 3 seconds
·   Turn and make your way back to the top of the runway
·   Pivot and stop in model position for 3 seconds
·   Exit stage left

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