Tuesday, March 6, 2012



1) The runway showcase will be scored on confidence, presentation, runway ability and being able to present the outfit that the performer has chosen.

2) Each performer is allowed to go all the way down the runway, stop for review by the agents, and return to the top of the runway.  Doubling back on the runway is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification for scores.

3) Age appropriate clothes are required. Children 12 years and under should not wear heavy makeup. Children should only wear light gloss and a touch of mascara. If a female is 13 or above and has chosen a shorter skirt, a full undergarment or cheerleading shorts must be worn under that skirt. The agents will be sitting at the bottom of the runway and thong underwear is unacceptable. This will lead to disqualification for scores.

4) The Talent INC director must approve runway outfits before the showcase. Formal dresses, tuxedos and kids pageant dresses are not acceptable for runway.

5) Performers 12 and under should smile during the runway showcase. Performers 13 years and older should have a serious high fashion attitude on the runway. 

6) No blowing of kisses, waving or eye winks.  Gestures to audience members are not permitted.  Points will be deducted from scores. Removable or worn props are not allowed. Examples of props or inappropriate accessories would be canes, umbrellas, cigars, cigarettes, purses, brief cases and sunglasses.

Runway Pattern (Modern with NO smile Runway style *except children under 13)

·   Contestant enters stage from stage right
·   Stop in model position for 3 seconds at the top of the runway
·   Walk to the end of the runway and stay for 3 seconds
·   Turn and make your way back to the top of the runway
·   Pivot and stop in model position for 3 seconds
·   Exit stage left

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