Tuesday, March 6, 2012



1) Performers must be between 13 and 30 to compete in the swimsuit competition.  Directors can approve older performers if they are in amazing shape and could work in fitness modeling.  Do not approve any performers that do not have solid  figures for this type of work.

2) Female performers may wear a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit. All suits must be suitable for a “family” audience.  If it is a two-piece swimsuit it must be full coverage, pageant type suits. All suits must be elegant and tasteful. Females should wear a nude or skin color heel that will not distract from the leg length (heels should have some sort of strap or back around the heel. NO backless heels).  

3) Male performers may wear “board type shorts” or square cut suits.  No bikini type/speedo suits are allowed for this showcase.  Men should have bare feet.

4) The use of props or sunglasses is strictly prohibited. 

5) This is not a runway show. Performers should go down and back
to the top of runway without turns. 

6) Female performers must have measurements done by their director. Females measuring above a 38” hip should not participate in this event. 

7) All performers should smile for this showcase. 

8) Female performers may not wear hose. 

9) Prepare your body for this event.

Swimsuit Pattern (Classic with smile Runway style)

·   Performer enters runway from stage right
·   Stop in model position for 3 seconds at the top of the runway
·   Walk to the end of the runway and stay for 3 seconds
·   Turn and make your way back to the top of the runway
·   Pivot and stop in model position for 3 seconds
·   Exit stage left

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