Tuesday, March 6, 2012



1) Talent can be any type of specialty act including singing, dancing, comedy, musician, etc.

2) All vocalists/dancers are allowed to perform one song/dance. For vocalists, this song should show range and performance ability. For dancers this should be your strongest dance choice that shows basics, technique, flexibility, personality and versatility.

3) All back up music should be burned on a CD with the performer’s name, agency or school, and the name of the song clearly marked.  The performance song should be the only song on the CD.  Each performer should have a backup CD or thumb drive in case of emergency.

4) All performances must be appropriate for all ages. 

5) Each performance has an allotted time of up to 90 seconds. Any performance exceeding this time will be disqualified from receiving a score. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

6) Costumes or performance clothes can be used for this showcase. 

7) All vocalists will use a hand held microphone.

Talent Pattern

a) Performer enters stage right
b) If you are a vocalist, you will be given your handheld microphone back stage. You will take the microphone to center stage for your music to start. If you are a dancer, walk directly to the starting position and the DJ will start your music.
c) Performer continues with performance
d) If you are a vocalist, return Microphone backstage.
e) Exit stage left upon completion

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