Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Talent INC. Plans Workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Talent INC. Canada, and Owner of Promenade Dance Academy, Tobi Leveille, to Sponsor a Free Audition Technique Workshop in Winnipeg, MB for Young Actors and Parents

Talent marketing giants Doug Sloan and John Stevens of Talent INC. Canada, and Tobi Leveille of Promenade Dance Academy in Winnipeg have joined forces to bring awareness and information about the entertainment industry to Manitoba. With the onslaught of reality TV competitions like “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”, “Canada’s Got Talent” and “Instant Star” there has been a rash of entertainment companies that have sprung up that prey on young hopefuls. Talent INC. Canada and Promenade Dance Academy have banded together to dispel the many myths surrounding the industry, focusing specifically on the Canadian Market.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

When Tobi Leveille’s daughter, Anne, first came to her and expressed an interest in the performing arts it came as no surprise to her. Given that Tobi herself has been a vibrant part of the dance community in Winnipeg for over 30 years, she thought it would only be natural that her daughter would follow her lead.

“But Mom… I want to act. You know, like on TV and in Movies and stuff”, said Anne who was 6 years old at the time.

Tobi admitted, “I really had no idea where to turn and ended up spending a lot of time, energy and a great deal of financial resources pursuing her ambitions”

The purpose of the workshop to be hosted by Promenade Dance Academy is to give parents the tools and proper information they need so that when they meet with people who want to work with their kids, they know what questions to ask and they know what fees and services are acceptable and which are not.

Since the dawn of YouTube, and reality TV shows like, Canada’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and The X Factor, parents and kids alike have been obsessed with instant stardom. It is an obsession that is polluting legitimate performing arts institutions globally.

“No one wants to work at it anymore!” exclaimed Doug Sloan.

“These kids and parents see these performers make it seemingly overnight and they think it is easy. They don’t see the hours of training, and countless hours of practice”, added Tobi.

“Parents need to be the first line of defence to protect their kids from unscrupulous companies that prey on the hopes and dreams of young people” said John who is an accomplished performer with credits all over the world and now co-owns Talent INC. Canada with his partner Doug Sloan.

Doug and John first met Tobi and Anne in 2008, and were immediately impressed by the fact that Anne had not only the desire to be in the industry, but she also had the determination. She takes her critiques well, and is goal driven according to Sloan and Stevens.

The workshop is designed for parents and young performers and is completely interactive. Parents get to see their child work with Mr. Stevens who is a master level coach with a long list of now celebrity clients. Each child will receive critiques from both Mr. Stevens and Mr. Sloan as well as learn about the business side of acting.

A handful of young performers and their families will be invited to attend a training bootcamp for performers in Toronto, where talent will have the opportunity to not only further their education in the arts, but they will also have the opportunity to network with some of Canada’s top casting directors, directors, producers, and agents. There will be a short list of top agencies from NY and LA in attendance as well who primarily scout for the fashion industry where it is easier to get sponsorship across borders.

If you would like to attend this Audition Workshop please contact, or call their studios based in Toronto at (647)748-7200. Admission to the workshop is free, but space is limited.


Ms. Tobi Leveille has been involved in dance for over 30 years studying ballet, tap, jazz and modern at various schools and with many different teachers in the province. In 2003 she received the Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Certification in classical ballet, a standard of teaching that is recognized professionally world-wide. She has prepared students for classical ballet examinations at various ages and levels, including pre-professional and professional certification levels. She has also mentored other student teachers towards certification.

Promenade Dance Academy boasts six programs that offer a diverse schedule of classes in dance, gymnastics, and fitness for 2 years old all the way to senior adults. The staff consists of very well known and respected individuals across a wide variety of genres in dance circuits around the world.

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