Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Talent INC Canada and 3DLightFX Congratulate Sorina Frederiki Stor of Toronto on Her Social Media Campaign to Win the New Face of 3DLightFX Contest

3DLightFX is thrilled to announce the winner of their on line social media campaign, "New Face of 3DLightFX" contest in conjunction with Talent INC Canada. Sorina Frederiki Stor took to the streets of Toronto hitting restaurants, beaches, and local attractions all in the hopes of having her image grace the new packaging of3DLightFX products slated to hit Walmart and Target stores across Canada.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 25, 2012
Sorina Frederiki Stor of Toronto is one determined young lady. When she was first selected out of over 200 applicants to Talent INC Canada and 3DLightFX to be among the top 20 young models to compete on line, Sorina made up her mind to not only place, but to win!
She along with her very supportive and enthusiastic family set out on a mission from day one. First they gathered examples of the 3DLightFX products, and created a brief introduction that Sorina memorized and greeted people with from one end of Toronto to the other. She set up shop in her neighborhood McDonald's, the Woodbine Beaches, and even at the Toronto EMS day at the Canadian National Exhibition.
Tom Wegrzyn, CEO of 3DLightFX said "No one could have anticipated the passion that Sorina emitted. Her drive and enthusiasm is what won her this title. She should be very proud of her efforts. She has created the benchmark for whom all others will be measured."
Talent INC Canada owners John Stevens and Doug Sloan could not believe the lengths she went to. "She really is a go-getter" said Sloan of Sorina. "It is what made us first want to work with her", he added.
As the winner of the 3DLightFX contest she will be awarded a cash prize, and a photo shoot at Talent INC Canada featuring the new line of products. The photos will be featured on the packaging for the new line of 3DLightFX products to hit the shelves in 2013.
About Talent, INC Canada
Talent, INC (Canada) is known for specialized training programs that offer not only the tools to succeed but the opportunity to use those skills to further a career in the performing arts through their international marketing network. Founded in the USA in 2001, Talent INC kick-started the careers of many young performers. In Canada they offer Summer Camps and an impressive list of courses for both adult and young enthusiasts. They will also hold their highly acclaimed National Conference in Toronto, Ontario. All of the workshops are taught by some of the area’s most successful actors, models and vocalists. For more information contact (647)748-7200.

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