Thursday, February 7, 2013

Talent INC Canada Client, Angelique Marion Berry Hits New Career Heights in 2012 with Over 10 IMDB Credits to Her Name in a Single Year

Talent INC client, Angelique Marion Berry is a seasoned professional actress having worked in virtually every possible medium. From video games to music videos, and film to TV, this 10 year old has done it all. She was even invited to visit the Gracie mansion in NYC to celebrate the many films, and artists that have contributed to the Film Industry in NYC.

Most performers dream of having a lucrative career in the entertainment industry, although only the few achieve their dream. At 10 years old, Angelique has not only set a new standard, but has also encouraged other performers of all ages to follow their dreams.
"I knew she was special from the moment I met her. She won me over in an instant", says Doug Sloan of Talent INC Canada.
Mr. Sloan selected her out of hundreds of applicants in her home town of Calgary, Alberta and immersed her in an elite performance coaching program with his partner, John F. Stevens, the other half of Talent INC Canada. Since then she has gained not only skill sets, and experience, but she has also won the attention of directors, producers, and casting professionals internationally. In fact, she is the youngest Canadian performer to receive an 01 work visa allowing her to work on both sides of the Canadian and US borders.
"Doug and John have been our backbone through the entire process. They committed to guiding us through the ups and downs. They discovered Angelique 2 years ago and have been a true resource and confidants. Angel's success is truly due to Doug and John," explained Christine, Angelique's mother.
In fact, her work earned her an invitation to the Gracie Mansion in NYC to celebrate all of the films, and TV shows produced in NY. There she rubbed elbows with legends like Whoopi Goldberg, Rober DeNiro, Meryl Streep and Ben Stiller.

Angel, as she is known by her friends and family, told us that her on-going training has been instrumental to her success. She trains in script analysis, character development and voice and diction.
"As with any activity training is critical, not only has Angel learned how to breakdown a script, she understands professionalism and adapting to each project's individual style, and needs. Training is ongoing as she grows and matures. Diction and vocal training are key. With each new script Angel is privately coached," according to Christine who has been a constant support to her daughter.
Angel seeks the guidance of top acting coach Ania Danylo, of Prelude Artists Acting for Stage and Screen whenever there is a big audition opportunity.
John Stevens had this to say about Ania, "Ania is the only acting coach in Calgary that Talent INC Canada works with. She instinctively prepares each actor with such creativity that it is nothing short of inspirational."

Angelique plays young Julia in the film, "I Think I Do" which is currently playing on the W network. She also plays the role of young Alice in Sebastien, a psychological horror story about dark secrets destroying people and their families from the inside out. In Sebastien, Angel had the opportunity to work with Eric Roberts and Cathy Moriarty.
One thing is for sure, Angelique has a bright future ahead of her, and is an excellent example of the young talent available in Alberta.
Angelique is represented by Kirk Talent Management based in Vancouver, Platinum Talent Management in Calgary.

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