Monday, April 15, 2013

Talent INC Receives Accolades From Entertainment Industry Professionals and Clients After American National Conference in Orlando, Florida

This past March, entertainment industry professionals from top agencies around the world converged in Orlando to meet new talent developed through Talent INC's exclusive program created by Scott Cooper.

Talent INC, an international talent development and networking company, recently held its US conference this March at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort.
"This is one of the most successful conferences that we have seen in the history of our company!" said Talent INC founder Scott Cooper after all of the excitement of this incredible event.
Talent INC as a company spent months traveling throughout small towns all over the United States auditioning and scouting undiscovered actors, models, singers and dancers. After auditioning and screening thousands of talented performers, they selected 218 people nation wide to be developed and educated on the do's and don'ts of the entertainment industry. Not only did these aspiring performers get to take masterclasses and perform for some of the top talent agents and leaders in the industry, but they were able to network and interview with them as well.
The showcased performers ranged in ages from 4 years old to 58. Diana Lenske, a 58 year old aspiring tv, film and theatre actress, was one of the magical moments of the weekend. Diana's musical theatre rendition of "I Could Have Danced All Night" from the Broadway Musical, My Fair Lady, brought down the house. She received a standing ovation and was voted by the industry leaders as the "Overall Adult Talent" winner. She competed against all performers that were 13 years and older. This only goes to prove that you are never too old to pursue your dream. Fear is the only thing that keeps doors closed in our lives. Diana has also been offered contracts to work with film and television agencies.
Brianna Barnes, one of the industry leaders at the conference said, "I have never seen this amount of quality talent gathered under one roof, this event has brought talent development and exposure to a new level."

Talent INC also hosted it's first group of 10 international performers from the UK who came to network and compete on an international level. All ten performers walked away with offers for contracts in either New York or Los Angeles and numerous contact in the U.K. thanks to their leader, Dorinda Duncan.
Talent INC started expanding their conferences into Canada in 2012 with 97% of the talent signing with agencies for work. Talent INC is now planning it's first full scale British Talent INC Conference in October of 2013. The response in the UK has been overwhelming.
"The buzz about our company is spreading like wild fire," says Talent INC President Joshua Meeks.
Joshua continues, "People are hearing about the quality of talent development, performance and the caliber of VIP guests that attend our events. It is now possible for an unknown talent from Billings, Montana to be developed, introduced and moved into a New York Market within a four-month period. This is an event that is accessible for any family that has a performer with a dream of breaking into the entertainment business."
    Corporate Director, David Barbour ended our interview by saying, "The floods of emails that our office has received from parents, performers and VIP guests has been overwhelming and humbling. People see and appreciate all of the hard work that our staff puts into our shows to ensure their success. Talent INC is not a job for us, it is a passion. Each talent is different, each day is an adventure and I feel that the sky is the limit. In an industry with lots of dark clouds, Talent INC has proven to be a shining beacon of education that has made navigating through the fog a lot easier. I can honestly say, I love my job."

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