Thursday, November 3, 2016

Talent INC. Talent INC Canada and Talent INC UK in the news!

Talent INC UK Overall Winner, Ellie Geoghegan Makes Headlines!

Last week for the first time in history, Talent INC USA, Talent INC UK and Talent INC Canada held a joint conference featuring the very best actors from each country to showcase in front of top talent executives from around the world.

Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas played host to some of the most promising actors, dancers, singers and models from around the globe. All the while visiting some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christy Carlson Romano

Thank you to the incredibly talented, Christy Carlson Romano for coming out and sharing her insight to the entertainment industry with our actors. 

Christy was a special guest at the 5th annual Canadian National Conference hosted by Talent INC Canada's co-founders, John Stevens and Doug Sloan this past February 2016.

On behalf of all of our actors, parents, staff and crew thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Television Crews Begin Production of "Tin Star" In Alberta

One of the greatest parts Doug and I love about our job is the opportunity to travel across this great country and visit our clients and meet professionals from all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Last year we had the pleasure of visiting our friend and client, Bernadette Janssen in High River, Alberta and actually spent the week there.

What an incredible town! We had no idea how rich the city of High River was with film history. For instance we had the chance to visit the home where the original SUPERMAN was filmed as young boy with his adoptive family. In more recent years it is the home of Maggie's Diner in Heartland as well as many of the other supplemental locations.

And now today, television crews begin production of Tin Star: Production crews from Kudos Film and Television have arrived in the community and have started filming the new “Tin Star” series, which was created by acclaimed British director Rowan Joffe.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Talent INC Canada Co Founders John Stevens and Doug Sloan In The News

We were very pleased to have had such a huge response to this article about US Talent Companies doing business in Canada. 

John Stevens and Doug Sloan are working with national and regional offices of ACTRA, Canada Revenue Agency, Advertising Standards Canada and Lawmakers to put regulations, licensing and moderation in place to protect Canadians from unscrupulous companies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Talent INC Canada Awards Over $103,900.00 In Scholarships For Actors Thanks To Corporate Sponsors

Talent INC Canada Owners, Doug Sloan and John Stevens with the help of corporate sponsors award over $103,900.00 in scholarships at conference for actors.
You know you are doing something right when companies seek you out to collaborate
— Doug Sloan, Co-Founder Talent INC Canada
TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 5, 2016 / -- Doug Sloan and John Stevens, the co-founders of Talent INC Canada in Toronto are devoted to giving back to the Canadian television and film community. Every year they have been in business they have increased their ability to help actors get the training they need through their corporate sponsorship program.

"Toronto has been a hot spot for the television and film industry for decades and as a result it means the bar has been set awfully high for talent," explains John Stevens.

Proper training is a necessity for actors. However, finances all to often prohibit less experienced actors from getting the education they need. Doug Sloan and John Stevens made a pact when they opened their studio that they would make unprecedented efforts to give back to the community that has been so generous to them.

"You know you are doing something right when companies seek you out to collaborate," Doug Sloan remarked.

Sahar Whelan, RPh, B.Sc.Phm, M.Sc.Phm, owner of Concord Specialty Pharmacy, isn't only a sponsor she is also a client. Her Daughter, Alexis Whelan, studies at Talent INC Canada and has gone on to book roles in commercials and a TV series on ABC.

Sahar had this to say about being a sponsor, "Sponsorship of the arts through organizations like Talent INC Canada make us feel like we are giving back to the community. The Canadian Film Industry needs to be nourished by local businesses so our community can feel a sense of pride when our home-grown Canadian stars are standing on an international stage receiving the recognition they deserve".

She also explained "There are talented individuals who never realize their acting abilities because of financial constraints. By supporting the arts we support our kids and in turn we support our future".

"Sahar is our most steadfast supporter. She truly is a champion for the arts" replied Mr. Sloan

Lora Tzoumis, CPA, CGA, Regional Vice President and Branch Manager with Primerica said this about her experience as a sponsor, "I am a huge supporter of what John and Doug have created with Talent INC Canada. They support and promote Canadian content and provide such an incredible level of service for both their clients and their sponsors. My being a sponsor has given me the valuable opportunity to be able to address their clients and let them know how I can help them reach their long term financial goals". 

"Lora Tzoumis has been the perfect fit for us. Many of our actors who do go on to succeed in the entertainment business need advice on investing those funds to better serve their financial objectives," Mr. Stevens added.

Corporate sponsors have a wide variety of opportunities to make their brand visible throughout the year and at Talent INC Canada's annual conference. There are the obvious perks like; links from our website, social media shout outs and recognition from the stage. Perhaps one of the most unique opportunities Talent INC Canada offers is the ability to custom craft an actual commercial concept for a sponsor. Actors at the conference then use those commercial concepts in their respective showcases where they can be seen not only by the live audience of approximately 400 but also on line through a live feed and on our many social networks.

Talent INC Canada's next conference is set for February 2017. Companies interested in becoming a corporate sponsor should contact John Stevens at the Talent INC Canada studios in Toronto.

John Stevens
Talent INC Canada (Ltd)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Brampton Actor Lands a Plum Role in Family Channel’s New Show

Talent INC Canada is very proud of alumnis and now Talent INC Canada staff member Adam Peddle and the premiere of, "The Other Kingdom"! Congratulations Adam! We are super proud of you! ~John Stevens & Doug Sloan

 Brampton actor lands a plum role in Family Channel’s new show: Brampton resident Adam Peddle’s dreams of making it as an actor just sprouted wings.