Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Television Crews Begin Production of "Tin Star" In Alberta

One of the greatest parts Doug and I love about our job is the opportunity to travel across this great country and visit our clients and meet professionals from all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Last year we had the pleasure of visiting our friend and client, Bernadette Janssen in High River, Alberta and actually spent the week there.

What an incredible town! We had no idea how rich the city of High River was with film history. For instance we had the chance to visit the home where the original SUPERMAN was filmed as young boy with his adoptive family. In more recent years it is the home of Maggie's Diner in Heartland as well as many of the other supplemental locations.

And now today, television crews begin production of Tin Star: Production crews from Kudos Film and Television have arrived in the community and have started filming the new “Tin Star” series, which was created by acclaimed British director Rowan Joffe.